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Skin Journey

Skin BootCamps

Best to kick start your Skin Journey

Customised Programs

Customised to you, because not everyones skin is the same

HydraFacial Programs

Get the Glow all year round

Start Your Skin Journey today!

Just like the gym, the more you go, the better your results. Back by popular demand, we’re currently accepting new members to our Skin Journey Programs, an exclusive 12-month customised skin care plan with additional discounts, VIP access and more.

Every membership starts with an in-depth skin analysis and  comprehensive consultation with our dermal therapists so we can learn about your skin concerns, your goals, and make a program for how we’re going to tick off those goals together over the next 12 months.

At Laneway we believe treating your skin is a partnership and thats why we start with an in-depth skin consultation to discuss your skin concerns, your diet, stress levels, genetics, home-care and skin history.

This allows Laneway to gain a better understanding of your skins health and come up with a customised treatment plan so we can work together to achieve the best results possible.

Let use work together to get your skin up to its optimal health!

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