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The Melanopro Peel System

Reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation in under 6 weeks.

Melanopro Peel System is a topical lightening and brightening treatment used to treat all types of pigmentation, from sun spots and freckles to stubborn hormonal Melasma.

​Standalone: $700

Package: $1100 includes 

1 x Pre Peel 

Melampro peel 

1 x Barrier Repairing Facial 

3 x LED Treatments 

Post Aftercare Product

Suitable for all skin types.


Melanopro can be used for many indications including:

  • Melasma (hormonal pigmentation)

  • Sun spots, lentigos and freckles

  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (pigment as a result of previous trauma, infection and other cosmetic procedures)

  • Scarring and discoloration from acne

  • Improvement in skin tone and texture

  • Overall brightening and refinement of the skin

Prepping your skin for the Melanopro.

Prepped Skin is always best!

At Laneway we want you to get the best outcome with your Melanopro so this is why we prep you skin first. 

Think of this like, if you wanted to do a marathon you would look at your diet and train up to the kms you wish to run. Your skin is the same, you want healthy functioning skin to make sure you get the best outcome in the treatment.

If your skin is not prepped you may not response as well to treatment and could be at risk of of an advise reaction or prolonged healing time. 

Booking a consultation for this treatment is best to make sure your skin is prepped and suitable for treatment.

What is the Melanopro peel system?

The Melanopro Peel System is a comprehensive skin care program to visibly reduce hyperpigmentation and skin tone irregularities. It is a 2-phase system. The first phase is done by a skin care professional in a skin clinic. The second phase is continued at home with prescribed products. Results will be seen in under 6 weeks.

What to expect with melanopro

•  First, a masque is applied by a professional in a clinic. This masque will need to stay on between 4-7 hours, with the exact duration determined by your skin care professional after a skin analysis.

•  You will be given proper instructions on the removal process by your skin therapist.

•  24 hours (or later) after you remove the masque, you will start using the prescribed home care products. You will keep using these until they are finished.

•  Once the mask has been removed at home you may simply go about your normal activities at home.

It may be necessary to take time off work and not plan any social events in the few days following the Melanopro treatment.

Your skin will begin to peel and flake off and may feel very tight and dry, The dryness is generally more evident around the mouth and eyes.

Despite the feeling of discomfort, tightness and visible peeling skin it is extremely important not to pick or peel at your skin as this may damage the healthy new skin underneath. 

Strict adherence to the home maintenance program at this time is essential. All the necessary steps will be explained by our dermal therapists and we will be reviewing your process during their Melanpro journey. 

The results of the treatment can become evident in as soon as 10-14 days with visibly clearer and brighter skin. Ongoing improvement in the skin can be seen over the next month. 

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