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Chemical Peels

The Synergie Professional Peel treatments are designed to reduce the appearance of irregularities on the skin’s surface and reveal a smooth, revitalized texture through regenerating and resurfacing the skin.

They remove the top layers of the skin, help to stimulate collagen remodelling, reduce tonal discoloration, improve skin texture and hydration, reduce congestion and improve the overall appearance of the skin.

Various strengths and types of chemical peels are available, and an in-depth skin consultation is necessary to ensure the appropriate peel treatment is selected for your specific skin concerns.


Enzyme Hydropeel - 30 minutes

With a blend of papaya enzyme and 15% lactic acid to stimulate cellular renewal the perfect answer for those looking for an introduction to peel treatments, those with sensitive skin or anyone who wants to work toward brighter and more evenly textured skin,
Cost $130, Add LED phototherapy $50

Lactic Peels 20%, 30% - 30 minutes

This active, yet gently exfoliating treatment removes dull, lifeless skin cells. The hydrating lactic acid increases your skin’s natural moisture, leaving you with firm, plumped, glowing skin.
Cost $130, add LED phototherapy for $50

Salicylic Peel - 30 minutes

A purifying peel with powerful anti-inflammatory properties, calming sore, red skin and soothing spots that are threatening to flare up or break out and leaving acne prone skin healthy and clear. Great for treating acne and congested skin types and rosacea sufferers.
Cost $130, add LED phototherapy for $50

Sal Lac (AHA/BHA) Layered Peel 
30 minutes

Combining the benefit of Lactic and Salicylic acid. A bespoke combination of both acids can be customised to each clients needs and desired outcome.
Cost $130, add LED phototherapy for $50

Tetra Acid 50 peel - 60 minutes

A powerful resurfacing treatment with a potent 50% combination of Mandelic, Lactic, Kojic and Malic acid. This peel will inhibit pigment production on a cellular level to brighten and even skin tone, while deeply exfoliating the outer layers to refine surface texture, reduce visible pores, fine lines and wrinkles.
Cost $227 Inc LED phototherapy & mask

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